So you’re ready to jump on board with this whole ‘healthy lifestyle’ right? This plan is a sure fire way to jump start your success, remove the guesswork and set you down the right path. So whether you are starting out or need to get back on track after a killer extended vacation, the first place to start is in the kitchen! I have a professionally designed meal plan that focuses on whole food in the proper portion sizes to help you jump start your journey.

This 5 day plan includes a menu (breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks), grocery list and full recipes, along with MY support.  While everyone’s version of ‘clean eating’ varies, I can assure you that this is a great place to start.

**Before you proceed please note that alcohol, soda and/or energy drinks of any kind are not part of this plan. If you feel you aren’t ready to give those up at this point that’s okay. I’ll be here when you are.**

I look forward to working with you!