Hi! I’m so glad you’re here!

My name is Breanne and first and foremost, I’m a wife to an amazing man and mom to two beautiful (twin) girls! I am an NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Corrective Exercise Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Coach and will soon be a Certified Health & Life Coach. I love Jesus but I cuss a little, am fluent in sarcasm, love all the food, enjoy reading, lifting heavy stuff, shopping, napping and traveling though I don’t do it often enough.  My passion is to teach other’s how to lead a healthy lifestyle of moderation, not deprivation.  

Here’s my story (I’m apologizing now because I’m long winded)….First you must know that I’m fiercely independent and my husband and I didn’t have children until year 6 in our marriage. We always wanted a family, just not right out of the gate as we were only 21 and 24 and wanted to enjoy married life!  When we finally decided we were ready, God had other plans for us. Thanks to Him and modern science and a few rounds of fertility treatments, we conceived our beautiful healthy baby girls after several years of trying. But during those first 6 years (pre kids) we worked full time and were pretty competitive with one another as we were both in commission based jobs.  We loved being able to do what we wanted, when we wanted with no debt or anyone to care for but ourselves. Enter my pregnancy…

Once that stick turned blue I was immediately grounded by my doctor as I was extremely high risk. When I say grounded, I mean I wasn’t even allowed to vacuum. My job was to grow babies. Period. For a neat freak and someone who doesn’t like to sit still, this killed me.

Not that I could have done any of that anyway as I was insanely sick the entire 1st trimester. A couple of trips to the hospital to replenish fluids, not being able to hold in a sip of water….blah! I was miserable.  The girls were fine and there were no complications (thank the Lord!!). It was just THE most uncomfortable experience of my life. I made it to 38 weeks to.the.day.thankyouverymuch. And I’ll never do it again. 😉

I went from career woman to full time MOMMY in a short 9 months. Even though we always wanted kids and went through extreme measures to get them, I knew being a SAHM wasn’t for me (refer to Miss Independent above.)

Oh my word did the monotony set in, quickly. You take care of two tiny humans, turn into a human milking machine, wash 16 bottles a day (not kidding) with as many diapers, never ending laundry and all the other things that SAHM do. The first two years were a blur and thankfully, we had excellent babies. They started sleeping through the night at 2 months and have always been great sleepers and good nappers so I wasn’t really sleep deprived after 2 months. Thank you Jesus. For real, thank you.

That 2.5 year mark? I lost my (what’s that stupid thing people say now?) ish? I had been in a perpetual funk since the moment they were born and chalked it up to baby blues….but 2.5 yrs later? I hit rock bottom in April of 2013. I felt like a crappy wife, a horrible mom and didn’t give a crap about anything or anyone. If you’ve suffered from postpartum depression, you get me. I was just going through the motions because that’s just what you do, right?

I remember talking to my hubby one night and I was like ‘I’m done, I don’t know what to do anymore but it can’t be this.’ I won’t bore you with the details but he made me realize I wasn’t doing anything for ME, ever. It was all babies and housework. You know, a typical mom!

He brought to my attention that I always felt good/better when I was exercising and I hadn’t done that since the day before we found out I was pregnant. He had a point because I was in a VERY dark place. I did NOT want to take medication for it either (I was on so many meds with the fertility stuff I didn’t want to go on anything again) so we decided that I would try exercising first. It was about the only thing I could do that wouldn’t cost money or resort in me loading them up and taking them to the gym daycare.

I had the Insanity dvd’s (at home workout program) collecting dust on my shelf and decided that’s what I was going to do. I had to. I had no clothes that fit anyway. I wasn’t overweight really but completely unhealthy and just disgusted with myself. What’s the term??? Oh yeah, a busted can of biscuits.

So, I committed, we committed.  For those days I couldn’t make my workouts happen during naps, he corralled the girls when he got home from work.  Because of him, I completed that 60 day program and felt freaking amazing because it was the first time I ever completed something like that!

The creator of Insanity was launching another program, but it was only 25 minutes a day.  Done.  Sign me up.  I bought it, joined an online (Beachbody) accountability group and quickly found myself encouraging and motivating others within the group. I was happier, motivated, feeling better and my family was getting the wife and mom they deserved.

After a little (ok, a lot of) push back, I finally decided to join Beachbody as a coach/mentor so I could get a discount on the products I was already using. After all, I was a SAHM and funds were tight!!  I never in a million years imagined I would become so passionate about it. But I knew there was more and that’s what led me to pursue my Personal Training certification and shortly there after, Hope & Faith Fitness was born.  

My journey is ongoing and I’m constantly learning and growing as a wife, mom and trainer. My mission is to help other mom’s realize that they don’t have to put themselves on the back burner just because they are mom. Being a mom is hat I wear, just like wife, personal trainer, health coach, friend, sister, daughter, etc. I want others to see how they too can balance it all while not sacrificing themselves and their health in the process. We need to be role models for our children and family and we can’t do that if we aren’t trying to be the best version of ourselves.

You must know, if you choose to work with me, be prepared to be supported to death, motivated, kicked in the ass when you need it, loved on when you need it and pushed. I love my clients something fierce and get really vested in their well being.

Faith, mental health, a healthy diet, exercise you actually enjoy, moderation, not deprivation; that’s what Hope & Faith Fitness is about. Welcome!