I’m not seeing any results!! Help!

Do you ever feel like you aren’t getting results fast enough? Like a hamster on a wheel? I know I do.
When I get frustrated at lack of progress I know it’s time to take a step back and reevaluate.
Want to know what that looks like for me? ‍♀️
I get mad. Yep. I do. I allow myself to get frustrated and vent for a bit. Not a whole day or week or anything. I just acknowledge my frustration because it’s okay!! And my poor hubby takes the brunt of it and does everything he can to help. He’s the best!!
I review what my workouts have been like. Too easy? Could I have done more? How many cardio sessions did I get in?
I review my nutrition. Where can I make improvements? Is it time to tweak my macros, eliminate a specific food? Did I meet my nutrition goals at least 5-6 days of the week?
Have I gotten enough sleep? Any extra stressors I may be dealing with?
Once I’ve gone through all that and made any necessary adjustments it’s time to focus on all the GOOD things I’ve been doing! Seriously, make a list. Even if it seems trivial.
My best advice for you?
There is no reason to dwell on the past. Acknowledge and learn from it.
Do NOT compare your journey to someone else’s.
Keep your eye on the prize. Progress of ANY size is a reason to celebrate.

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