Should you workout when you’re sick?

As a trainer and a mom, I’m asked this quite frequently and since the cooler temps are on the way, it’s the perfect time to address it.

I always tell people that it depends on their definition of sick.  If you have the sniffles or are a little foggy in the head, I recommend pushing through.  Even though you may not be working out as intensely as normal, it might be the push your body needs to get the yuckiness out and help you feel better, sooner. Remember to chug that water too!

Now, if you’re running a fever and have body aches, REST.  Your body is clearly fighting something off!  Let it rest so it stands a fighting chance to recover.  Besides, you don’t want to be that person spreading their nasty germs at the gym!

At the end of the day, listen to your body.  You know you better than anyone else.  I couldn’t tell you the last time I was sick (amazing what a healthy diet, exercise and Shakeology can do!) but my allergies flare up about twice a year. I get physically drained and on those days and I just do the best I can.  Sometimes it means an impromptu rest day and others it means a lesser workout (meaning I do SOME form of a workout for at least 20 minutes).  Stretching is a great option too if you are really drained but feel like you need to do something.

I know how hard this can be as a mom but just like we tell our kids, rest is the best medicine you can give yourself.  This is also where nutrition is KEY.  After all, at least 70% of our results happen in the kitchen and though you may not be up to a workout, keep your nutrition in check!

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