“Bre is absolutely wonderful at keeping you motivated. She takes time and makes the effort to check in and offer helpful ideas to keep you on track and achieve your goals! She has been a tremendous help to me personally by sticking with me and encouraging me even when my goals feel unobtainable. I still have a long way to go on my journey but I’m confident I will reach my destination with her support!”
-Rebecca K.

“What I love about Bre is that she supports people no matter where they are mentally, physically or financially. This is what makes her genuine in my eyes. I have seen her be there for people who are not motivated, are not buying product from her, are not sure of themselves and so on. I believe Bre wants the best of health and happiness for anyone who wants those things for themselves. She will give her support and love, not expecting anything in return. There have been times that I must have seemed to disappear in my busy life and lack of motivation for my own health and fitness. Bre never pressured me but she checked in every few weeks just to make sure I was ok and find out if she could do anything for me. She lets you go at your own pace but motivates you and encourages you at the same time. She is honest. She is not a pushy salesperson. She is genuine. She is caring. She is passionate. I could not have asked for a better coach and friend.”
-Michelle M.

“When I started to train with Bre, I was at the heaviest weight I had ever been. I was not obese, but my clothes were tight, I did not like looking in the mirror, and I was disappointed in myself that I had started to let my health take a back seat in my life. Enter Bre! Breanne is an excellent trainer and takes the time to get to know you as a person, your habits, your physical limitations, and your goals. She was able to match me with the perfect workout to begin my health journey. Bre also stressed healthy nutrition habits in order to accelerate my progress. I never once dieted; I just learned about portions and nutrition from Breanne and changed my way of eating. Once I started seeing results, Bre took the time to reassess my progress and updated my workout regimen to keep the results coming. I have lost 25 pounds with Breanne and got to my goal weight. With Bre’s help, I have kept all the weight off for almost a year now. I am in better shape, inside and out, than I have ever been. Bre is amazing because she truly cares about her clients and their health. If you want someone who will tell you how it is, give you unending support and motivation, and help you achieve the body and health you have always wanted – Bre is the trainer for you!”
-Heidi H.

“I met Breanne about a year ago; she was one of the coaches in an online support group I joined on Facebook. We connected quickly. Her supportive, caring personality is magnetic! Breanne has a lot of knowledge about all of the products and workouts, but that isn’t what keeps me in her group. I have stayed in Breanne’s Facebook group because of the unyielding support I receive from her. She posts practical information regarding eating and working out, which is how I came by 21 Day Fix. 21 Day Fix was quite overwhelming when I sat down to meal plan. I immediately knew where to turn. Breanne was right there with tips and examples to help me. In fact, several women in the group jumped right in to share their advice. That support is what has kept me on track. It is not a group of “I am better than you.” It is a group of “Let’s all be our personal best!” I highly recommend using Breanne as a fitness coach.”
-Kristin T.

“I am so thankful to have such a caring, motivating, inspirational, and friendly mentor. I appreciate you so much! You have guided, advised, listened to and encouraged. You are very important to me and I want you to know that. Your caring in my success has helped make me the successful individual I am learning to become. Breanne, you have let me into your life, shared with me your own successes, strategies, and challenges, and you have become my friend. You’re someone I admire very much. THANK YOU”
-Cynthia P.

“I started T25 and shakeology about 2 years ago at the recommendation of Breanne Turner. This was the best thing I did for myself, both physically and mentally. Being healthy is not following a diet or going to the gym and eating whatever you want just because you worked out, it is about changing old habits and creating a lifestyle balance of eating healthy, making good choices when days are busy and stressful, and routine exercise. I feel stronger, more confident and healthy at 41 than I did in my 30’s. I lost nearly 13 inches and 10-12 lbs in 8 weeks doing T25 and drinking shakeology. Shakeology is by far the best shake supplement that I have ever tried. It keeps me full of energy, satisfied and reduces sugar cravings. It continues to be my favorite meal of the day. Breanne, my coach/trainer, has given me the support and push I have needed along the way through her accountability groups, extra strength training challenges, 5 day clean eating challenges, tips and tools on diet, reading labels, healthy apps, new recipes, not to mention her personal attention and motivation when needed. Breanne has been amazing throughout the years and continues to provide fresh ideas, challenges, and inspiration to me and so many others. I have continued to use several other beachbody workout programs throughout the years, but T25 will always be my favorite! I plan to continue a healthy lifestyle and be a good example to my family and friends.”
-Shawna B.