Why Boot camps & Group Classes Might Not Be For You

Are bootcamps right for you? What about group classes like Orange Theory (not picking on them, they just came to mind)?
They are super appealing! Group atmosphere, super encouraging, do it with a friend, get a killer workout in 45 minutes, all fitness levels welcomed….sounds perfect!
Do you want the brutal truth? The majority of the population has no business doing these.
Before you get your yoga pants in a bunch, hear me out.
YES, those that stick with those types of classes/groups for 4-6 weeks DO see faster results than those who start slow with weight training 3x a week.
But here’s the difference…..the majority of those that get those quick results, lose them just as fast.
Because 1) they haven’t learned anything to keep it going outside of those classes. 2) they’ve gone so hard so quickly they HAVE to maintain that level of performance just to keep off what they lost OR INCREASE their activity level to keep seeing results. 3) They haven’t built a balanced foundation.
To touch on the masses not doing these classes….here’s why. The majority of the population can barely perform a proper squat (not exaggerating), suffer from upper or lower crossed syndrome and have all sorts of other imbalances that need to be addressed.
It’s like telling a newly walking toddler they need to perform a box jump. Not gonna happen, at least not well. 😉
Learning how to strength train properly, learning what healthy eating looks like….THAT is what will lead to lasting changes. I’m not saying that classes can’t be great and fun (you should do what you enjoy!!) but you need to make sure you’re doing what is best for YOU and current state of fitness. Once you get those basics down, then have at all the classes and groups you want because you WILL have the foundation. YOU will know what modifications to make and how hard to push yourself.
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